Black Sunstone Sterling Silver Necklace

$ 30.00

The Black Sunstone Sterling Silver Necklace features a hand carved faceted stone.  It suspends on 16 inches of sterling silver chain with a spring clasp closure.   Please note each Indian Sunstone is similar in size and shape to the photo but unique in inclusions.  The one pictured is 3mm long by 2mm wide by 1mm thick.  You can add length to your necklace by clicking the link below:

Add Sterling Silver Chain Length

Black Sunstone, also known as Indian Sunstone, is a very protective and positive gemstone.  It resonates with the Solar Plexus and Earth Star Chakras but is highly effective in cleansing the aura and all chakras.  Black Sunstone clears out any negative energy and replaces it with love and light.  It provides a nurturing energy and assists self healing.  Black Sunstone increases intuition and spirituality.  It is said to bring good luck and facilitate happiness.  Black Sunstone is helpful in revealing hidden talents and is said to attract fame. Black Sunstone has a strong solar energy which provides warmth and strength.  It helps with self motivation and with overcoming procrastination.
It is especially beneficial for cord cutting from past relationships and creating and setting personal boundaries. Black Sunstone helps encourage originality, independence and self empowerment.  It helps reduce or eliminate co-dependency.

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