Scapolite and White Moonstone Copper and Rosegold Shield Ring

$ 105.00

This one of a kind ring features a gorgeous Star Scapolite.  It’s bezel set in brass onto a copper shield with a thick 16 gauge rosegoldfil band.  Copper is a conductor of energy and amplifies the properties of stones.  The Star Scapolite is 10mm tall by 8mm wide by 3mm thick.  The shield is 22mm tall by 11mm wide and is made from thick 18 gauge metal.  This ring is a size 5.75. There is an “Om” stamped underneath the shield.

Scapolite is a very rare, positive and powerful stone.  It balances all the chakras and removes blockages in the energy field.  Scapolite raises one’s vibration and provides psychic protection.  It helps preserve and protect energy so one doesn’t become drained.  Scapolite increases intuition and psychic abilities.  It helps to spiritually open one to their own consciousness.  Scapolite helps communicate with ones higher self and spirit guides.  It’s a stone of personal power and helps one to find their own personal path in life.  It’s a stone of achievement and helps provide the energy and inspiration to motivate one to accomplish goals.  Scapolite helps with problem solving and helps to go beyond ones normal expectations of themselves.  A stone of success, it helps you to reach financial goals.  It’s a good stone for transitions.  Scapolite is calming and mentally balancing.  It helps get rid of worries and racing thoughts. It helps one to handle their own emotions and provides emotional balance.  Scapolite is a wonderful stone for relationships and assists the partners in finding solutions to their problems.  It helps one to love themselves more so they can love their partner better.  It helps partners to avoid taking things out on each other emotionally.

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