Druzy Quartz Faceted Agate Necklace Root and Crown Chakras

$ 25.00

A gorgeous free form Druzy Quartz in its faceted Agate matrix suspends from 16 inches of chain.   The Druzy Quartz featured in this photo is 18mm long by 14mm wide and 9mm thick.  Each Druzy Quartz is unique and beautiful in every way and comes with your choice of antique brass or antique silver chain with lobster clasp and closure.   The faceted Agate is gorgeous as well and you can wear it either way.  Please note that your Druzy Quartz will be chosen at random for you and that it will be equally gorgeous to the one in the photo.  Please see the photo with the Druzy Quartz on the original strand for stone variation.  This is a limited edition item.

 Druzy Quartz is known to have a relaxing effect when worn.  All the tiny little crystals each vibrate independently, making druzy quartz a very high vibrational stone.  It's great to wear druzy when you are feeling stressed as it calms the mind and brings positive energy to the wearer.  It can also assist in mediation as it helps to calm both the body and mind.

Agate in general is a stabilizing stone.  It’s a Root Chakra gem, but it also helps to bring balance to all the Chakras.  It’s closely connected to Mother Earth, and is extremely grounding and calming.  Agate is very protective, it wards off negative energy and the Evil Eye.  It has a lower vibration and therefore, a soft, soothing and gentle energy.  Agate brings balance and harmony to body, mind and soul.  It balances emotions and yin and yang energies.  Each type of Agate has its own additional properties in addition to these.

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