Inclusion Phantom Point Quartz with Black Star Sapphire Pendant

$ 150.00

This pendant is truly unique.  I found the Inclusion Quartz point at the Quartzsite Gem Show and fell in love.  I wanted to showcase the phantom point inside so I created a solid sterling silver backing to highlight it from three sides.  The Quartz has some incredible inclusions both inside and out, and it looks like sand permanently dusting the point.  The Black Star Sapphire has a gorgeous star point and some hints of blue color as well. This pendant is 1 1/2 inches long and 1/4 inch wide with setting.

Lodolite, also called Inclusion Quartz, is Clear Quartz that has traces of Chlorite, Hematite, Feldspar and other minerals that create bursts of color within the crystal.  Lodolite is a Crown Chakra stone and can be used to heighten intuition.  It’s known to be a shamans stone and has been used to increase spiritual perceptions and connect with beings in the spirit rhealm.  Lodolite is a wonderful stone to use while meditating, especially when trying to recall past lives.  Its calming, soothing energy helps relax one into a meditative state. It is extra potent to help you manifest your desires through meditation.  Lodolite helps to release past life and early life trauma by healing the emotions that cause stress and fear in the present moment.  Lodolite forces one to acknowledge and address all emotions, good and bad, and helps to release anything that no longer resonates.  Lodolite protects the wearer from negative energy and provides a sense of positivity.  It also helps one through times of transition.  It helps one to “age gracefully” by accepting the body’s transitions as it goes through the aging process.  Lodolite helps one create new ways of understanding their old ways of doing things.  It helps one to lucid dream, see auras and protects while astral traveling. 

Black Star Sapphire is both protective and grounding and resonates with the root chakra. It heightens intuition and builds self confidence. It's the perfect stone for healers and empaths, as it allows them to do their work without taking on any of their patient's energies. It's especially effective to mediate with on a new moon, to help remove from your mind and life anything you wish not to carry forward in the next moon cycle.

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