K2 Stone Higher Vibrations Sterling Silver Cuff

$ 220.00

The K2 Stone Higher Vibrations Sterling Silver Cuff is a one if a kind.  I have seen this newly discovered stone for a few years now but I haven’t felt called towards it until recently.  This stone vibrates in my hand, it’s truly potent and amazing.  Many people say the blue is Azurite but I believe it’s Apatite.  The white matrix is Granite, creating a beautiful blue dotted landscape. This cuff is 5.5 inches long and will fit all small wrists.  There are Om signs stamped on the underside.  There are decorative stamps on the cuff sides as well as two Black Onyx cabochons.  This is a very powerful bracelet.

K2 Stone is a Third Chakra Stone and it works to create increased awareness of and lines of communication to other dimensions.  K2 Stone  is found in the foothills of the second highest mountain on Earth, K2, located in the Karakoram mountain range, on the border of Pakistan and China.  K2 Stone increase intuition, telepathic abilities and helps one connect to their higher self.  It helps one to ground themselves while opening their higher chakras.  K2 Stone is wonderful for channeling and mediums.  It’s very helpful for Indigo children to help balance their higher energies and ground them in the 3rd dimension.  It assists one to see the bigger picture and to make solid decisions based upon a well rounded, more consciously aware perspective.  It opens one’s eyes to the truth, even when one is hiding from it.  K2 Stone increases memory and enables one to make decisions based upon their highest good.  K2 Stone grounds while also uplifting one to higher energies, allowing for easier manifestation in this dimension.

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