Third Eye Know Organic Essential Oil Crystal Perfume

$ 20.00

Eye Know is the second intuitive blend I’ve felt called to create for women.  It’s a blend for increasing intuition but most importantly, for trusting our intuition.  It works primarily with the Sacral, Third Eye and Crown Chakras to help us tap into our inner guidance and tune out all the daily noise and nay saying.  Its purpose is to help one to learn the way their intuition speaks to them so they will automatically trust it and act upon that trust rather than the fear or doubt that our earth brains inflict upon our all knowing souls.  It’s very sultry, silky, calming, sweet and toasty.  Its uplifting and empowering and helps one flow through life.  It will help attract more synchronicities and abundance.  Wear it prior to meditation and for every day use.  It’s made with 3ml of all natural essential oils, flower essences and gemstone in an organic jojoba carrier.  I have personally Reiki infused each one.  It comes in a glass vial with roller ball and black lid.  

🌹Essential Oils:

•Jasmine - Increases clarity of visions and psychic abilities, antidepressant, calming, aphrodisiac, protects uterus, Heart and Crown Chakras

•Cypress - Helps with transitions, dissipates fear of the unknown, helps to accept change, Helps one go with the flow, helps to connect ones spirit to the wisdom of the Universe, grounding, protective, rebirth, used to help souls pass from this realm to the next, Sacral and Throat Chakras.

•Geranium - Helps facilitate spiritual awakening, helps detox from and clears emotional baggage, balances female hormones, balances the entire endocrine system, calming, grounding, relieves stress and fatigue, increases clarity and concentration, Heart and Throat Chakras

•Lavender - Increases intuition, Increases spirituality, calming, soothing, relaxing, great for meditation, Crown and Heart Chakras

•Sweet Orange - Energetically purifying, uplifting, boosts creativity, helps to connect to our angels and spirit guides, helps to focus, attracts abundance, wealth and luck, balances emotions, releases self judgement, obsessions and fears, helps one to be more adaptable and to go with the flow, instills confidence and increases intuition, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras.

🌼Flower Essences:

•Angelica - Helps connect to ones angels and spirit guides, increases intuition, comforting, helps one to focus, builds strength, protective, heightens visions, particularly helpful to women who are going through a rough time, Crown Chakra


•Amber Resin - Strengthens intuition, eliminates fear, balances emotions, helps to go with the flow, provides good luck, clears mind, releases negativity, aids manifestation, reduces stress, actracts love, works with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras

•Labradorite - heightens intuition and strengthens clairvoyance. It helps to ease anxiety and nerves, as well as reducing racing and negative thoughts. It assists us through all transitions, but is particularly helpful with transitions that are positive for us. Labradorite helps serendipitous situations, coincidences and synchronicity to flow in to your life.





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