Sodalite Miniature Perfume Bottle Necklace

$ 70.00

Miniature Sodalite  Perfume Bottle Necklace holds one application of essential oil perfume.  The perfume rests inside a hidden metal vessel with a twist top that attaches to the gemstone top and chain.  The bottle is 22mm tall and 11mm in diameter.  The tiny perfume bottle suspends from 16 inches of brushed brass chain with a matching lobster clasp.  It’s made adjustable with a two inch extender chain with a tiny faceted Titanium coated Pyrite bead at the end.  Each necklace comes with a 3ml bottle of your choice of my perfume blends, a tiny pipet and a storage box to keep it safe between uses.   

Your choices are: 

Goddess RisingEye KnowGaia Grounded, I Speak, I Love 

Fill the bottle with the pipet before each wear.  You can apply the single dose of perfume or open and smell it  throughout the day as an aromatherapy tool.  

Sodalite is both a Throat and Third Eye Chakra stone.  It increases logical thinking, promotes truth and improves communication.  Sodalite is known as the Poet’s Stone and is helpful to writers.  It encourages truthfulness and helps the words to flow naturally.  Sodalite helps facilitate communication between people and helps lessen and defuse arguments in relationships.  It promotes positive thoughts and actions, which better allows one to attain inner peace and internal harmony.  Sodalite helps to find the silver lining in all situations and to see the brighter side of an issue or person.  It filters out negative energy and replaces it with positive, soothing energy.  Sodalite improves intuitive abilities and allows clearer access to the subconscious mind.  It helps increase clairvoyant abilities and assists one in better understanding spiritual messages.

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