I Speak Throat Chakra Essential Oil Gemstone Blend

$ 15.00

I created I Speak Throat Chakra Essential Oil Gemstone Blend to help open and bring balance to the Throat Chakra.  Its mantra is, “I Speak”, its color is blue/teal and it’s located in the throat region.  It governs communication, expression, inner voice, will power and speaking from truth.  Many of us struggle with being and speaking who we truly are. Some of us are too shy or afraid to speak up for ourselves.  An imbalanced Throat Chakra can lead to illness and disease and, in general, not getting what you’re not asking for out of life.  See my Throat Chakra Guide photo to learn more about bringing balance to this Chakra.  

Even if your Throat Chakra is balanced, this blend is helpful for public speaking, singing, writing, any form of communication in general can be assisted with this blend.  I wear mine when I’m selling jewelry at markets, and it definitely helps me speak more eloquently and effortlessly.  Most Throat Chakra blends involve extreme spice, like peppermint or eucalyptus but I wanted to create something more gentle, soothing and floral to combine with Blue Lace Agate. 

I Speak is a reiki charged blend of Ylang Ylang, Blood Orange, Sandlewood, Oak Moss, Benzoin and Rose Essential Oils in Jajoba Oil with Blue Lace Agate.  It’s scent is an uplifting blend of soft buttery floral with rich, sweet citrus with a spicy earthy vanilla undertone.  Its soothing and delicious scent is uplifting and empowering.  You can apply it directly to your Throat Chakra, wear it on your wrists and use it as aromatherapy.  After the blend is done, the stone is yours to keep.  Simply pop off the top and add the Blue Lace Agate to your crystal collection. 

Blue Lace Agate is a Throat Chakra stone and is a wonderful stone to promote communication, allowing us to speak from truth. It provides a calming energy and alleviates nervousness. It brings the right words to help successfully express emotions or thoughts with out anger. It's said to help with thyroid issues. Blue Lace Agate provides inspiration and hope to the wearer.

Oak Moss - Earth element, good luck, attracts money, protective, increases strength, reduces stress and depression, grounding and assists meditation, Sacral and Throat Chakras.

Rose - Boosts confidence, fights depression, eases menstration, relieves anxiety,  purifies the uterus, aphrodisiac, Heart and Crown Chakras

Benzoin - Relieves anxiety, tension and nerves, uplifts spirit, antidepressant, uplifts mood, increases circulation, promotes positive attitude, helps to fall asleep and facilitates deep sleep, Root Chakra 

Sandlewood - Mental Clarity, relaxing, calming, a natural aphrodisiac, antidepressant, relieves anxiety and stress, helps with insomnia, Third Eye Chakra 

Blood Orange - calming, reduces stress and tension, brings suppressed emotions to light, brings a sense of security, centering and calming, facilitated communication, good for inflammation, mood lifter, brings out your inner child, Throat Chakra

Ylang Ylang - Relieves stress, improves mood, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, increases libido, Sacral Chakra



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