2018 Moon Calendar

$ 27.00

The 2018 Moon Calendar is full of all the pertinents:
🌙Full, Quarter and New Moons
🌙Mercury Retrodgrades
🌙Meteorite Showers
🌙Zodiac Signs
🌙Birth Flowers
🌙Traditional Full Moon Names

This year, I included the exact time of each event, making it even better than last year's edition. I lived in Kansas City when I created 2017's calendar so it was in Central Time Zone. Since I'm moving to Oregon, I made the 2018 edition in Pacific Time Zone. I only make one version, depending on where I live, but you can subtract an hour per US time zone and it's still a very handy tool.

I designed the entire calendar myself and hand make each one. They're printed on 13 sheets of 8.5" x 8.5" white gold" card stock pages connected with 2 large silver jump rings. I included a photo that shows the gold shimmer finish. The calendar hangs from a thick silver chain with clasps on both ends. It can be easily removed and reattached to reveal the next month.

I've been running my business according to the moon cycles for almost 2 years now. It's been a wonderful way to bring rhythm, balance and intention into my hectic artist lifestyle. I hope this calendar can help bring balance to your lives as well.