3rd Rock from the Sun Necklace

$ 227.00

The Third Rock from the Sun Necklace is not only inspired by one of my favorite 90's tv shows, it's also inspired by the "Pale Blue Dot" photo taken by the Voyager 1 Space Probe in 1990.  The space probe had finished its mission and was instructed to head back to Earth.  Astronomer, Carl Sagan, requested that NASA make the Voyager 1 turn it's camera around to take one final photograph, a now famous photograph of planet Earth.  The photograph depicts our planet as a tiny pale blue dot against the ever expanding vastness of space.  This photo conveys the essence of why I created this necklace.  The idea that we are so small in something so vast, seemingly without end as science is discovering, brings a strange sense of comfort.  "For creatures as small as we, the vastness is only bearable through love." - Carl Sagan

The image of the, "Pale Blue Dot" made me question where exactly our planet is located in our Universe, our "address", so to speak.  The Universe is so vast, that it's almost impossible to pinpoint our location unless we do so within the Observable (to us) Universe.  The back of the necklace states the "address" of planet Earth:

"The 3rd planet of the star Sol, on the inner rim of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy in the Local Group of Galaxies within the Virgo Supercluster in the Universe."

The front of the Third Rock from the Sun Necklace depicts our Solar System with all 9 planets in orbit.  Whether science considers Pluto a planet or not, I still consider it important enough to be part of this necklace.  A natural Sunstone sets in the center as our "Sol" and the Earth is a natural, rose cut, conflict free glittering diamond.  The pendant is 48mm in diameter and 3mm at it's thickest width.  I hand carved the pendant out of wax and it's cast from jewelers bronze.  It hangs on  29 continuous inches of antique silver chain, allowing the pendant to flip slightly, revealing both sides from time to time. 

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery of this necklace as they are made to order.  

Photo Credit: Kelley Walker Chance, Kelley Photo

Model: Nanci Lee Ayala Rush


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