Agatized Fossil Coral Necklace

$ 30.00

The Agatized Fossil Coral Necklace features a uniquely faceted stone pendant. The circular "flower" shapes are where the coral arms grew. The fossil suspends on 30 inches of continuous antique brass chain. There are 3 made and ready to ship immediately upon ordering.

Agatized Fossil Coral is a Root Chakra stone created by ancient corals. While forming, the coral are gradually replaced with agate. This process can take over 20 million years to occur. It is a grounding stone and is good for manifesting change. It is linked to the moon due to its connection with the ocean. It helps to remember past lives. Agatized Fossil Coral has a peaceful energy and dispels negative thoughts. It can help enhance communication with the deceased relatives as well as with other realms. Agatized Fossil Coral protects while traveling over water.

Model: Amanda Kronk

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