Apatite Sterling Silver Prongset Studs

$ 40.00

These studs feature gorgeous raw gemstones prongset  in sterling silver.  They have sterling silver backings and come on a leather strip for safe keeping while not in use.  Each pair of studs is unique in shape and size so expect slight variation in each pair.

Apatite is learning stone.  It helps you to focus and helps increase concentration.  It's also a Throat Chakra stone and is helpful for thinking clearly and communicating effectively. This stone is particularly good for public speaking.  Apatite stimulates our intuition and heightens our psychic abilities.  Apatite is a stone of manifestation and it helps to increase motivation.  It is also helpful to stimulate creativity.  It helps to balance the Yin and Yang energies and to raise the Kundalini energy.  Apatite is a very effective meditation stone.  


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