Aquamarine Faceted Free Form Sterling Silver Necklace

$ 37.00

The Aquamarine Faceted Free Form Sterling Silver Necklace features a beautifully carved natural gemstone.  The pendant has a thick hammered sterling silver loop and soldered ball which suspends from 16 inches of rolo chain with lobster clasp and closure.  Each Aquamarine  is similar in shape and size but completely unique in cut.

Aquamarine is said to be connected to the spirit of the ocean. According to ancient lore, aquamarine was a mermaid's stone and sailors would carry it while traveling by sea for protection and good luck.  Today, aquamarine is still used to help protect while traveling by sea.  Aquamarine provides peace and tranquility and helps reduce stress.  A Throat Chakra Stone, it helps to speak from truth and encourages self expression.  It's considered to be the Stone of Courage.  Aquamarine helps to overcome judgment of others.   It's an extremely protective stone for pregnant women, protecting both mother and child.  Aqumarine assists in letting go and helps to gain closure.  It's a wonderful stone for meditation.  

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