Avropium Green Tourmaline Ring

$ 444.00

The Avropium Green Tourmaline Ring is a one if a kind.  I found, mined and cut the stone, which I call Avropium, and created this setting.  I wanted it to be a statement piece, and it’s the biggest ring I’ve made so far.  It’s a size  7 1/2 and is 2 2/8 inches long, 1 1/2 inches long and 2/8 inches thick.  It has a thick silver backing and all the corners are rounded to make sure it’s a comfortable fit.  I paired the Avropium with five 3mm Green Tourmaline brilliant cut stones to bring out the green color of the stone.

Avropium is a stone of ascention, here to assist people during spiritual awakening.  It helps to align all the chakras but is particularly potent when working with the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras.  Avropium is a wonderful stone to use in meditation.  It's both grounding and high vibrational, connecting directly to the core of Mother Earth while also connecting to the higher dimentions, spirit guides, angels and higher self.  Avropium has a calming, soothing and uplifting effect.  It helps one to see the bigger picture and to identify their path.  It encourages one to stay in their flow, increasing synchronicities and enhancing the ability to manifest.  Avropium is a stone of motivation, giving a boost of energy to the wearer.  It helps to open the mind into a more creative state, allowing the flow of new ideas and connections.  Avropium is grounding and protective and is a wonderful stone for healers, empaths and psychics. 

Green Tourmaline is said to bring happiness and joy and promotes happiness and positive transformation and prosperity.  A Heart Chakra stone, it's the best stone for healing the physical heart. It provides a sense of peace and calm to the wearer. Green Tourmaline stimulates creativity and brings success in business. Green Tourmaline is an earth energy stone. It will connect you to Mother Earth and her vibration and is helpful for earth healing. It helps one to understand the flow of energy between the mineral and plant kingdoms. Green Tourmaline can be placed in soil to help plants grow.

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