Belt of Venus Necklace

$ 37.00

My inspiration for this piece came when I visited Kitt Peak National Observatory in Tucson, AZ, with my family this February.  The tour started just before dusk.  Right after the sun set, the tour guide pointed out the beautiful layer of pink color on the horizon atop the layer of blue above the mountains. The blue is actually the shadow the Earth casts on the atmosphere.  The pink layer above the Earth's shadow is referred to as the, "Belt of Venus".  The color comes from the sun, which is still shining above us even though the sun has set.  Here's the picture I took of our gorgeous view:

The Belt of Venus Necklace features a natural druzy quartz which has been treated with a titanium coating.  This coating gives the druzy quartz a mystic, scintillating, iridescent metallic effect.  The coating has been chemically bonded to the stone and will never chip or fade.  The stone hangs from 16 inches of silverfill chain with silverfill lobster claw and closure. Please note that each druzy quartz is unique in shape and size as they are natural stones.  

Druzy Quartz is known to have a relaxing effect when worn.  All the tiny little crystals each vibrate independently, making druzy quartz a very high vibrational stone.  It's great to wear druzy when you are feeling stressed as it calms the mind and brings positive energy to the wearer.  It can also assist in mediation as it helps to calm both the body and mind.  Although the Belt of Venus druzy quartz has been treated, it still retains strong healing powers.

Photo Credit: Kelley Walker Chance, Kelley Photo

Model: Morgan Ann Voulker

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