Big Blue Agate Soft Faceted Sterling Silver Ring

$ 111.00

I found this stone in the mountains near First Creek, Washington.  This is one of the first stones I ever cut.  It’s faceted but not high polished, which gives it an opaque look.  In its setting, the stone is 21mm long by 17mm wife by 11mm tall.  The band is 8mm wide sterling silver. This ring is a size 7.5 and is a one of a kind. 

Blue Agate is a Throat Chakra stone, which assists in constructive communication, helping one to listen as well as speak their thoughts clearly and eloquently.  It also connects with the Heart Chakra, opening one to empathy and seeing the other persons’s perspective.  It is an excellent stone for both platonic and romantic relationships.  It helps create deep connectivity and helps to builds trust.  Blue Agate is calming, it relieves stress and helps one to relax.  It lessens negativity and helps one to let go of past traumas that are holding one back in the present moment.  Blue Agate helps one connect deeply within themselves to discover their true desires so they may find their true calling.  It connects with higher realms, opening channels with spirit guides and the higher self to help with proper decision making.  Blue Agate brings positivity and helps boost energy levels.  It increases concentration, making it a good stone for studying.

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