Dark Matter Necklace

$ 52.00

Dark matter is like an invisible "glue" that holds the Universe together.  More is unknown about dark matter than is known, and it was only in the 60's that Vera Ruben helped discover it's existence.  Dark Matter makes up 27% of our  Universe.    It's almost impossible to observe, as we literally cannot see it but can study its effect on the items in our Universe that give off light.  NASA explains it best in this article: What is Dark Matter

The Dark Matter Necklace is made of seven natural rough black diamonds.  They're suspended on 13.5 inches of rosegoldfil chain with a 2 inch rosegoldfil extender chain and lobster clasp.  An eighth diamond hangs off the end of the extender chain, giving an unexpected decorative detail.  The necklace seems short but it's meant to be as it's a first layer necklace.  It hits right in the trachea and adjusts up to 15.5 inches.  It also looks nice worn alone and is great for high necklines.  I can make it up to two inches longer without an extra charge so please specify what length you prefer.  

Diamonds bring a sense of invincibility.  Diamond is derived from the Greek word, "adamas", which means invincible.  Greek soldiers often wore them as protection when going into battle. Diamonds are a master healer, they are the hardest of all stones known to man, and are good for healing the body and mind.  They are said to align both sides of the brain so they can work together to strengthen the body and mind.  Diamonds protect against jealousy from others. Diamonds resonate with the crown chakra.

Photo Credit: Kelley Walker Chance, Kelley Photo

Model: Morgan Ann Voulker

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