Black Star Sapphire Rosecut Rosegold Ring

$ 73.00

The Black Star Sapphire Rosecut Rosegold Ring features a stunning natural gemstone. Black star sapphire is relatively rare, and hardly found in a rose cut. It both sparkles and shimmers at the same time. It has a sheen that ads another layer of depth the the stone's shine. The stone is featured in a serrated copper bezel setting. The gemstone is then set on a 14 guage rosegoldfilled hammered band. There are only 5 stones, so this is a limited edition item. Please message me your size upon ordering.

As with all black stones, black star sapphire is both protective and grounding and resonates with the root chakra. It heightens intuition and builds self confidence. It's the perfect stone for healers and empaths, as it allows them to do their work without taking on any of their patient's energies. It's especially effective to mediate with on a new moon, to help remove from your mind and life anything you wish not to carry forward in the next moon cycle.

Model: Jesse Molina

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