Blue Moon Organic Essential Oil Gemstone Perfume

$ 20.00

Blue Moon is a scent created to honor the 2nd full moon of this October, an occasion that doesn’t happen every year.  This blue moon happens to fall on Halloween, something that only happens every 19 years.  This moon is in Taurus so I created a sultry, earthy, spicy and sweet blend in her honor.

Cardamom, Rose, Vanilla, Turmeric, Benzoin, Sage, Neroli, Oak Moss in Jojba Oil with Blue Lace Agate, Agate I mined from First Creek, Washington, and a clear quartz point.

I reiki charge each blend during and after making them.  They come in a 3ml glass bottle with tiled ball applicator. Once the blend is through, you can pop it open and add the gemstones to your collection.

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