Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Prong Set Ring

$ 48.00

This gorgeous one of a kind ring features a raw specimen of Blue Sapphire.  The crystal is 10mm long by 5mm wide by 4mm high.  It’s set in 18 guage sterling silver on a hammered 16 giraffe sterling silver band.  This ring is a size 8.25.

Sapphire is a stone of prosperity, attracts joy, wealth and luck. It is useful in combatting depression and provides positive energy and hope. It's also known as a stone of wisdom, promoting a balance of power and strength mixed with wisdom and fairness. Blue sapphire resonates with the throat and 3rd eye chakras, promotes dreaming and heightens intuition. It assists in spiritual growth and helps one to speak their truth. A stone of purity and love, blue sapphire promotes faithfulness in relationships.

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