Blue Topaz Marquise Nouveau Sterling Silver Ring

$ 69.00

The Blue Topaz Marquise Nouveau Sterling Silver Ring features a beautiful cool blue stone 5mm high by 3mm wide. It's set with a sterling silver scalloped bezel onto a 2mm wide sterling silver band.

Blue Topaz is a stone of love and good luck. It brings joy and good health. Blue Topaz will increase your communication skills, particularly when speaking and writing. Known as the Writers Stone, it helps you think more efficiently and assists you to concentrate and to be present while writing. Blue Topaz is very helpful for public speakers or anyone who has troubles with and fears of public speaking. It's both a Throat and Third Eye Chakra stone and will help to communicate with spirit and to effectively channel its message. It's a particularly excellent stone for psychics and intuitives. Blue Topaz aids problem solving and is particularly helpful to decide what life path to take and what type of career to undergo. It helps you to clearly communicate your desires, hopes and wishes to yourself and to others. It helps one see where they strayed from the truth of themselves and helps to get back to who they really are.

The Blue Topaz Marquise Nouveau Sterling Silver Ring is perfect as an engagement, promise, or just because you deserve it ring. I only have 5 of these Blue Topaz stones so this is a limited edition item. Each ring is made to order, so please message me your size upon placing your order.

Model: Mollie Kennedy

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