Blue Tourmaline Shield Necklace

$ 82.00

The Blue Tourmaline Shield Necklace features an all natural crystal prong set on a thick sterling silver "shield".  The raw crystal comes to a point at the bottom, although it's a litte hard to tell from the photos.  The pendant is 22mm long by 9mm wide and made from 20 guage sterling silver.  I was able to source only 5 of these deep sea blue tourmalines with points at one end at the Tucson Gem Show this February.  They are the rarest shade of tourmaline and are of very fine quality.

Blue Tourmaline, also called Indicolite Tourmaline, is a Throat and Third Eye Chakra stone.  It helps to communicate clearly and honestly, and helps to connect to the heart to communicate directly from it.  It helps to amplify psychic abilities and is really helpful to those who wish to become mediums or those who wish to open up to channeling.  Blue Tourmaline is a stone of peace and promotes living in harmony with everyone.  It helps the wearer to have a more open mind and therefore more tolerance towards others' differences.  Blue Tourmaline I helps the wearer to release past traumas by bringing them to the surface for careful examination, processing and releasing.  Blue Tourmaline is particularly helpful to clear away past traumas or abuse that will never have justice or resolution.  

Model: Camry Ivory


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