Botswana Agate Copper and Brass Necklace

$ 60.00

A beautiful Botswana Agate is prong set in thick copper wire.  The pendant hangs from 16 inches of thick, raw brass chain with lobster clasp and closure.  The pendant with stone is 24mm long by 24mm wide and 8mm thick.  This is a one of a kind necklace.  Copper is a conductor of energy and amplified the properties of stones.

Botswana Agate, like all agates, is an Root Chakra stone, very grounding, balancing and protective.  It’s energy is very soothing and calming.  Botswana Agate is also a Crown Chakra stone that works to heighten intuition and allow a greater understanding of Unconditional Love.  Botswana Agate boosts creativity and passion.  It helps to relieve stress and depression.  It’s a wonderful stone to use to quit smoking and other addictions or self destructive behavior.  Botswana Agate helps one to identify, address and heal any repressed emotional issues that need to be addressed.  Botswana Agate encourages one to find solutions rather than focusing on negative aspects of daily challenges.  It promotes an understanding of the need for deeper meaning in life and stimulates ones spiritual quest towards enlightenment. 

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