Chlorite Quartz 14k Gold Gem Cage Pendant

$ 333.00

The Chlorite Quartz 14k Gold Gem Cage Pendant is a one of a kind and the very first gold gem cage I've made.  The crystal is double terminated and absolutely amazing from all angles.  I set the crystal with the most incredible side front forward and the most included side rests on the gold backing.  The gold shows through the clear tip, giving an illusion that the crystal is pure gold from certain angles.  The crystal is 10.65 carats and the total weight of the pendant is 3.21 grams.  The pendant is 1 1/4" long x 1/4" wide x 1/4" thick.  

 Chlorite Quartz is an incredibly healing crystal that works with the Heart and Crown Chakras.  It's a stone that promotes happiness and clears negativity by grounding it out with Earth's energy.  It promotes self love and self acceptance.  Chlorite Quartz helps manifest ones desires and intentions.  It connects one to mother Gaia and her nature spirits and elemental earth beings.  It increases energy flow and helps cleanse the aura and align the Chakras.  Chlorite Quartz helps to release things that are keeping the heart chakra closed.  It boosts spiritual and psychic gifts and helps facilitate a connection with higher vibrational beings and healing guides.  Chlorite Quartz protects those who are hyper sensitive to EMFs.  Its also helpful against psychic attack and useful for space clearing.

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