Heart Chakra Green Diopside Necklace

$ 25.00

Green Diopside is a heart chakra stone, and has earned the nickname, the "Crying Stone" as it promotes healing through tears.  Discovered in 1988 in Russia, this gorgeous green stone is said to directly connect to the heartbeat of planet Earth, Gia.  It's a very empowering stone for anyone who has a strong interest in the well being of the planet.  It assists with memory retention and is excellent for students.  It aides writers to maintain their creativity and to write concisely while still meeting deadlines.  Green Diopside increases compassion and forgiveness, allowing us to put ourselves in others' shoes and open up to their suffering. Green Diopside lessons headaches, regulates blood flow and is great for heart attacks and other heart issues.  It's great for healing after surgery as well.  Cleanse Green Diopside by smudging with sage, palo santo or sweet grasses.  

The Chrome Diopside Necklace is made with a gorgeous genuine free form chrome diopside drop.  The stone is suspended from 16 inches of chain.  This simple stone necklace is perfect to wear alone or to layer with other necklaces.  The Chrome Diopside Necklace is pictured here with gunmetal chain but is also available in silver or antique brass.  Each chain is made from a nickle free base metal and will not tarnish, chip or fade.  

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