Clear Quartz Heart Chakra Lens Copper Talisman

$ 240.00

The Clear Quartz Heart Chakra Lens Copper Talisman is a very unique one of a kind.  It features a gorgeous poki cut Clear Quartz and two 5mm Green Tourmaline, two 5mm Green Serpentie and two 5mm Green Aventurine cabochons.  The talisman is double side and is meant to be worn both ways.  The green Heart Chakra stones are set in the same spot on either side of the hand carved and stamped pendant.  Look through the Quartz lens to see the world through a kaleidoscope of peace and love.  The talisman is 44mm long by 27mm wide and is made from thick 18 gauge copper with sterling silver bezel settings.  It suspends from 31 inches of gorgeous faceted long bar sterling silver chain. 

Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer",  it absorbs negative energy, as well as cleanses, releases and stores energy.  Clear Quartz amplifies energies and thought, and increases the energies of other stones.  A Crown Chakra Stone, it heightens intuition.  Clear Quartz brings balance and harmony to all the Chakras.

Green Aventurine encourages regeneration of the heart, opening us up to love again. It's a stone of prosperity and creativity. Green Aventurine generates feelings of well-being and promotes compassion and empathy. Green Aventurine also calms anger and irritation. It stabilizes the state of mind, helping to see all possibilities and make educated decisions. Green Aventurine balances male-female energy.

Green Serpentine resonates with the heart chakra and is an all around stone of love, most especially self love.  It helps balance emotions and helps us to trust our own judgement in situations where we are challenged with conflicting information.  It brings balance to the chakras by stimulating the kundalini energies to restore balance.

Green Tourmaline is said to bring happiness and joy and promotes happiness and positive transformation and prosperity.  A Heart Chakra stone, it's the best stone for healing the physical heart. It provides a sense of peace and calm to the wearer. Green Tourmaline stimulates creativity and brings success in business. Green Tourmaline is an earth energy stone. It will connect you to Mother Earth and her vibration and is helpful for earth healing. It helps one to understand the flow of energy between the mineral and plant kingdoms. Green Tourmaline can be placed in soil to help plants grow.

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