Faceted Hypersthene Antique Brass Infinity Bracelet

$ 48.00

The Faceted Hypersthene Antique Brass Infinity Bracelet features gorgeous faceted stones hand wrapped in antique brass wire.  It’s 7 inches long with lobster clasp and closure.

Hypersthene is a Root Chakra stone and is extremely grounding.  It helps to lessen anxiety and stress. It's name is derived from the Greek words, “hyper”, meaning 'above' and “stenos”, meaning 'power'. This refers to hypersthene's ability to help one see clearly what is right and guides us to stand up for our beliefs. It's an excellent stone for problem solving. Hypersthene assists one to have better judgement in all areas of life. Hypersthene is an excellent stone for meditation as it heightens intuition and promotes universal awareness. It also assists in healthy expression of emotions.

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