Feldspar Sterling Silver Poki Cut Om Ring

$ 80.00

This one of a kind ring features a gorgeous poki cut quality stone and is a size 5.  The Feldspar is 5.5 carats, 16mm long by 12mm wide in the sterling silver bezel setting.  The band is 4mm wide and splits towards the stone, framing it on both sides. An, “Om”, sign is stamped on the underside of the setting and is visible underneath. 

Feldspar increases intuition and is a helpful for meditation and for Astral travel.  It's associated with the moon and is helpful with evoking the devine femine from within as well as with menstration and sexuality.  Feldspar assists in self value, self love, self esteem and self awareness.  It helps women to value themselves for themselves and not just as an extension of their partner or family.  Feldspar is a stone of creativity and it helps us to create out of the box solutions to problems.

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