Crop Circle Diamond Earrings

$ 77.00

I've always been fascinated by crop circles but never thought they would become my jewelry muse.  When I was conceptualizing Cosmos, crop circles were an obvious given.  The only real challenge was choosing which one.  Well, I couldn't pick just one, so I had to pick three.  

The Crop Circle Diamond Earrings are inspired by a crop circle found in the rural outlays of Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire, UK. It was reported on June 29th, 2012.  

The Crop Circle Diamond Earrings are made from sandblasted stainless steel, to mimic the texture of a farm field.  The earrings feature a rough natural conflict free blue diamond chip.  Each diamond is unique in its color and size and I hand select them to go in each pair.  The earrings hang just slightly longer than 2 and a half inches from the ear.  Although the crop circle that inspired them is gigantic, the Crop Circle Diamond Earrings seem delicate in comparison but are sure to make a big impact.

Natural blue diamonds are extremely rare.  Diamonds in general bring a sense of invincibility.  Diamond is derived from the Greek word, "adamas", which means invincible.  Greek soldiers often wore them as protection when going into battle. Diamonds are a master healer, they are the hardest of all stones known to man, and are good for healing the body and mind.  They are said to align both sides of the brain so they can work together to strengthen the body and mind.  Diamonds protect against jealousy from others.  Diamonds resonate with the crown chakra.

Models: Esuja Mia and Morgan Ann Voulker

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