Crop Circle Diamond Necklace

$ 77.00

Whether they truly are extraterrestrial in origin or not, crop circles are tremendous works of living art.  I fell in love with this one in particular, due to it's elongated and round features, it appears almost art nouveau in style.  I could not find out when this one was discovered but it comes from Wiltshire, England.  I used the bottom half as my inspiration for the Crop Circle Diamond Necklace.

The Crop Circle pendant is 3 inches long, including the chain dangling chain and stones..  Rough, natural black diamonds and black pearls continue the crop circle image.  The pendant is 1.75 inches wide and hangs from 16 inches of silverfil chain with silverfill lobster clasp and closure.

Diamonds in general bring a sense of invincibility.  Diamond is derived from the Greek word, "adamas", which means invincible.  Greek soldiers often wore them as protection when going into battle. Diamonds are a master healer, they are the hardest of all stones known to man, and are good for healing the body and mind.  They are said to align both sides of the brain so they can work together to strengthen the body and mind.  Diamonds protect against jealousy from others. Diamonds resonate with the crown chakra.  Pearls symbolize innocence, faith and purity.   They resonate with the sakral and heart chakras.

Photo Credit: Kelley Walker Chance, Kelley Photo

Model: Esuja Mia

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