Crystal Galaxy Necklace

$ 27.00

When I found these large, titanium coated amethyst points at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this year, they screamed "comsos" to me.  I had to have them!  Each crystal is unique in shape and size.  They're suspended from 30 continuous inches of antique silver chain.  The titanium is chemically bonded to the crystal so the metallic blues, greens and purples will never chip or fade.

Although the amethyst point has been treated with a titanium coating, they still hold the powers of amethyst.  They resonate with the third eye and crown chakras.  Amethyst heightens intuition, spirituality and communication with the ethereal zone. It's a stone of sobriety and helps bring harmony in relationships.  It protects against psychic attacks and is great to use while meditating.  It also helps promote lucid dreaming and better sleep when placed under your pillow.

Photo Credit: Kelley Walker Chance, Kelley Photo

Model: Nanci Lee Ayal Rush

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