The Dark Crystal Necklace

$ 50.00

I made these necklaces in honor of Jim Henson’s movie and prequel, “The Dark Crystal”.  They remind me both of the crystal shard and the Dark Crystal itself.  I found these gorgeous raw Bahia Amethyst Elestial Wands from the Tucson Gem Show last year.  I bought them with the intention of turning them into Dark Crystal Necklaces. Each one took well over an hour to make.  I had to grind off all the clear quartz, polish, drill and set the pins in each one.  You can see the raw version in one of the product photos.  They come on 16 inches of thick flat sterling silver cable chain with lobster clasp and closure.

Amethyst is a Third Eye and Crown Chakra Stone, and increases psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.  It relieves stress, brings a sense of inner peace.  Amethyst combats anger and balances mood swings.  It wards off psychic attack and dispels negativity.  Amethyst helps with sleep issues as well as promotes lucid dreaming.


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