Double Terminated Quartz Choker

$ 33.00

The Double Terminated Quartz Choker is perfect to wear alone or layer with other necklaces. It features a gorgeous raw double terminated quartz from Brazil suspended from thick genuine copper chain with handmade African brass beads on either side. The crystal pictured is 25mm long and 15mm high but please note that due to the raw nature of each crystal, they will vary slightly in shape and size. At it's shortest length, the The Double Terminated Quartz Choker is 14 1/2 inch long but its 1 1/2 inch extender lengthens it up to 16 total inches.

Double Terminated Quartz are powerful healing stones. They take in energy, cleanse and magnify it, then emit back the energy from both ends at the same time. As it's an amplifier of energy, Double Terminated Quartz is an excellent stone to hold intentions and to help manifest desires and dreams. This is a wonderful stone to cleanse and balance the chakras. Use Double Terminated Quartz as a bridge between any two things, for example, to mend a friendship, or to align two chakras. Double Terminated Quartz work with all chakras but are especially potent for use on the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. They make wonderful tools for meditation, visualization, enhancing psychic abilities and lucid dreaming.

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