Druzy Quartz Sterling Silver Ring

$ 58.00

I prospected this stone myself in the Teanaway Mountains at First Creek, Washington.  It’s a size 6.25 and is prong set in thick sterling silver on a decorative art nouveau sterling silver band.  The stone with setting is 13mm long x 16mm wide and 5mm tall.

Druzy, the layer of tiny sparkling crystals on top of this Agate base, occurs due to water.  Over billions of years, water brought minerals onto the agate’s surface and then evaporated.  It left minerals behind to form crystals on top of the rock. It is the final stage of growth for the Agate.

Druzy Quartz is known to have a relaxing effect when worn.  All the tiny little crystals each vibrate independently, making druzy quartz a very high vibrational stone.  It's great to wear druzy when you are feeling stressed as it calms the mind and brings positive energy to the wearer.  It can also assist in mediation as it helps to calm both the body and mind.  It resonates with all chakras, as it’s made up of tiny clear Quartz, the Master healing stone.

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