Faceted Crazy Horse Jasper Long Antique Brass Necklace

$ 50.00

A gorgeous faceted pink Crazy Horse Jasper drop is suspended from 30 inches of continuous antique brass chain.  Both sides of the stone are uniquely beautiful and it can be worn either way.  You mostly find this stone with colors of tan, grey, black, brown and some dusty pink coloration.  I was super attracted to these 3 because they’re mostly dusty pink and almost mauve. They called to me!  I only have these three available so it’s a limited edition item.

Crazy Horse Jasper is called the "Supreme Nurturer."  It’s a Root Chakra stone but also works to clear energy blockages in all chakras.  Crazy Horse Jasper reduces stress, bringing tranquility and wholeness. It’s very grounding and useful in meditation.  Crazy Horse Jasper inspires one to pursue their dreams.  It’s a powerful energy booster and increases determination.  Crazy Horse Jasper promotes self confidence and self acceptance.  It inspires wonder and adventure and encourages us to enjoy and explore life.  Crazy Horse Jasper asks us not to take ourselves too seriously and to remember to make time for fun.  It reminds us to stay present in the moment.  Crazy Horse Jasper brings emotional harmony.  It’s especially good for people with extremely intense emotions or extreme mood swings.  Crazy Horse Jasper provides feelings of security, wholeness and inner stability. 

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