Fantasy Faceted Oregon Green Sunstone Sterling Silver Earrings

$ 65.00

These Green Oregon Sunstones came straight from the Dust Devil Mine owner himself!  I happened to get first pick of his brand new high end faceted cut beads!  There were only 5 beads on this strand and each one is unique.  The green color is rare and has only been on the market for a few years.  

These one of a kind Fantasy Faceted Green Oregon Sunstone Earrings come on hand made 22 guage sterling silver hooks.  The Sunstones suspend from diamond shaped sterling silver chain which mimics the shape of the stones.  With hooks, the earrings are 47mm long, just shy 2 inches. The stones are 13mm tall by 6mm wide by 3mm thick.

Sunstone is associated with the Sacral Chakra and is known as the Stone of Leadership. It increases confidence and personal power and helps bring mental clarity. It helps stabilize the emotions and inspires passion and romance. It's also known as a Stone of Freedom and encourages independence, originality and individuality. Sunstone is linked to the sun and embodies its warmth and light, bestowing joy and good luck to the wearer.  

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