Sacral Chakra Fire Opal Necklace

$ 25.00

Fire Opal is a solar plexus stone, and enhances personal power and self confidence.  It's not only a power stone, but also a stone of positivity and good luck.  It actively "lights our inner fire" to face our fears head on and become the best versions of ourselves.  Fire Opal is an excellent stone for success in business and draws money to the wearer.  Put a fire opal in the cash box of your business to draw in customers.  Most people know it to come from Mexico, but it's also found in Australia, US, UK, Canada, Hondurus, Iceland, Brazil and Tanzania.  

Fire Opal magnifies our feelings and helps us to let go of our pasts by releasing deep, negative emotions once and for all.  Fire Opal releases anything blocking creativity. It's an excellent stone to assist with new beginnings.  It helps to overcome and heal from sexual and domestic abuse, and assists the wearer to leave an abusive relationship without getting jaded so one can establish trusting relationships in the future.  It promotes healthy sexuality and intensifies orgasms.  Fire Opal can be cleansed by gently rubbing it in water.

The Fire Opal Necklace is made with a gorgeous rough faceted genuine Mexican Fire Opal.  The stone is suspended from 16 inches of chain.  This simple stone necklace is perfect to wear alone or to layer with other necklaces.  The Fire Opal Necklace is pictured here with antique brass chain but is also available in silver or gunmetal.  Each chain is made from a nickle free base metal and will not tarnish, chip or fade.  

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