Fossil Ammonite in Triangle Matrix Necklace

$ 37.00

The Fossil Ammonite in Triangle Matrix Necklace features a hand carved pendant suspended from 27.5 inches of antique silver long bar chain.  A faceted pyrite rondelle bead is assymetrically wire wrapped on to one side of the chain.  I sourced 4 of these triangular ammonite fossil pendants at the Tucson Gem Show this year.

Ammonite are an extinct group of marine animals who lived 415 million years ago. Although they look like cousins of living Nautilus, they are in fact related to living octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish. Some ammonites have an opalized outer surface, which was not present in the fossil's lifetime. 

Ammonite Fossil is a wonderful tool to assist you in times of rebirth and transformation. It resonates with the Root Chakra and the element of Earth, making them very grounding and protective stones.  Ammonite Fossil helps to stimulate "Chi", the Universal life force, and the Golden Mean Spiral is found within the growing walls of the Ammonite shell. The Golden Mean Spiral is symbolic of life’s unfolding mysteries and continuous evolution and can be found among the building blocks of many of the Universe's known creatures, plants and cosmos. The Ammonite spirals act like a filter to draw away all negative energies, making them extremely helpful for combating depression. Ammonite fossils are said to attract prosperity and success and are great for activating the Kundalini energies.   Ammonites are especially useful for past life recall and to contact spirit guides. 

Please see the Gemstone Healing Properties Glossary for the healing properties of Pyrite.

Model: Jane Almirall

Location: Oracle Fine Curiosities

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