Fossilized Bamboo Double Dagger Necklace

$ 67.00

I had never seen Fossil Bamboo before this last Gem and Mineral Show and was immediately attracted to it. I loved it's shape, size, happy bubbly texture, and its opaqueness and happy yellow color. I bought 5 pieces from my favorite rock hound immediately and am regretting not buying more now that I have done my research. A newly discovered specimen, Fossil Coral was found in early 2009 in Central Java, Indonesia. Clusters of long agate tubes resembling stalagmites or other cave rock formations were recovered from a mountainside. After some research, it was concluded that the agate tubes were actually once living bamboo that were covered by volcanic ash. After being left undisturbed for 14 million years, agate began coating the stems creating the fossil versions of ancient bamboo.

Like living bamboo, fossil bamboo is a talisman of good luck! It brings prosperity in all things, especially business ventures and social life. Fossil Bamboo inspires love and happy relationships. It helps to strengthen character, helping one learn to bend with difficult times and people rather than be broken by them. It inspires creative expression and inspiration. It also wards off negativity and protects from black magic. A powerful and potent little fossil!

The Fossilized Bamboo Double Dagger Necklace is set with genuine copper wire on 16 inches of antique brass bar chain, with handmade African brass beads floating on either side. Two hand shaped copper "daggers" hang off both sides, creating a balanced parallel look.

Model: Evyn Fulkerson

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