Garnet Vessel of Empowerment Earrings

$ 83.00

Garnet is a stone of personal power and self esteem. It's a very grounding Root Chakra stone. This deep dark red stone holds a flash and fire, which is said to stimulate survival instincts, courage and willpower. Garnet's inner fire is also said to bring light, alleviating depression and bringing joy. Garnets help control anger, especially toward oneself. A stone of passion, sexuality and sensuality, Garnet activates the kundalini energies in a controlled manner. A stone of commitment, it inspires love and loyalty. Garnets are said to bring success in business.

Wear the Garnet Vessel of Empowerment Earrings when you need a boost of self esteem. Copper wire is hand shaped and hammered to a "faceted" finish. Two rows of faceted garnet beads suspend from the bottom half of the vessels. The hooks are made from rosegoldfill hammered wire.

Model: Jenni Witte
Photographer: Garnet Griebel Booth

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