Europa Necklace

$ 43.00

Humanity is constantly questioning whether or not we're alone in the Universe.  Today, there is much excitement at the possibility that one of Jupiter's moons might be our best local bet for finding extraterrestrial life outside our planet.  This is because Europa has all the essential ingredients to create life as we know it: water, energy, and organic chemicals.  The moon is covered in a thick icy outer shell but beneath it lies more water than found on planet Earth.  There is evidence of volcanic action and plate tectonics on Europa, which results in bacterial life on Earth.  In fact, within the next decade, NASA plans to send a probe to Europa to look for alien life in its oceans.  

The icy clear green coloration of green amethyst, also known as prasiolite, reminds me of water.  The unique facets of these particular stones remind me of the criss-crossed icy surface of Europa.   Prasiolite resonates with the heart chakra, and is excellent for promoting self love self awareness.   It's a stone of hope.  A uniquely faceted green amethyst suspends from 30 continuous inches of rosegoldfill chain.  The stone is 1 to 1.25 inches long, as each green amethyst is unique in cut, shape and inclusions.  

Photo Credit: Kelley Walker Chance, Kelley Photo


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