Green Jasper and Black Onyx Art Nouveau Peekaboo Carved Brass Necklace

$ 150.00

The Green Jasper and Black Onyx Art Nouveau Peekaboo Carved Brass Necklace is a one of a kind.  The stone was prospected and cut by my friend, Christine, of The Submissive Stone.  She found this Jasper in the Teanaway Mountains in Central Washington at First Creek.  This is the place where she and her awesome husband Dana took me rock hunting for my first PNW dig.  The stone reminds me of the Pacific Ocean waves crashing onto the rocky coastline.  

The Green Jasper is 39 carats and is set in a brass bezel.  The stone is 28mm in diameter and is 5mm thick.  The pendant is made of thick 18 gauge red brass and is 35mm tall by 38mm wide.  A decorative art nouveau pattern mimicking a sun rising over the Teanaway Mountains reveals peeks of the stone through the back side.  There are five 3mm Black Onyx cabochon accents set in copper and some art nouveau style stamps decorating the metal.  This piece is sculpted on all sides and is a little work of art.  It’s hung on 16 inches of brushed gold nickel free electroplated art nouveau chain with lobster clasp and closure. 

Green Jasper is connected to the Heart Chakra.  It helps balance emotions and helps one to release obsessions. It blocks disease and provides a boost to  the immune system.  Green Jasper, during the 4th Century, was thought to bring rain in times of drought.  It was seen as a talisman of good luck.  Green Jasper is potently protective against ghosts and negative spirits as well as against spells and psychic attack.  It’s nurturing energy is wonderful for promoting healthy pregnancy and childbirth.  Green Jasper protects against nightmares and helps promote deep, calming sleep.  It helps one trying to quit addictive substances and bad habits.

Black Onyx is a stone of good luck and happiness.  It resonates with the Root Chakra and is a very grounding and protective stone. Black Onyx takes in and transforms negative energy and helps protect one's personal energy from being drained. Black Onyx is a stone of wisdom and promotes smart decision-making.  Black Onyx can help with self discipline and overal personal strength.

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