Green Jasper Sterling Silver Ring

$ 75.00

The Green Jasper Sterling Silver Ring features one of the first 3 cabochons I’ve ever cut.  It has a raw faceted look with a geometric yet organic shape.  The rock in the raw had a similar shape.  I rock hounded this piece from First Creek in Central a Washington on my very first dig this past May.  I love the layers of green that came out when cut and polished.  The stone is set in a scalloped sterling silver bezel on a 4mm thick double half round band.  The stone in setting is 20mm long by 13mm wide and 7mm tall.  This one of a kind ring is a size 8.75.

Jasper, in general, is a Root Chakra stone, very grounding and protective.  It provides a feeling of tranquility, calmness and wholeness.  Jasper is very protective against negative energy, environmental pollutants and EMF’s.  It helps boost the imagination and inspires one to set their ideas into action.  Jasper helps to think more quickly and efficiently, and helps with problem solving and organizing.  Jasper balances the yin and yang energies and encourages open honesty with oneself.  Jasper is an extremely nurturing stone.  

Green Jasper is connected to the Heart Chakra.  It helps balance emotions and helps one to release obsessions. It blocks disease and provides a boost to  the immune system.  Green Jasper, during the 4th Century, was thought to bring rain in times of drought.  It was seen as a talisman of good luck.  Green Jasper is potently protective against ghosts and negative spirits as well as against spells and psychic attack.  It’s nurturing energy is wonderful for promoting healthy pregnancy and childbirth.  Green Jasper protects against nightmares and helps promote deep, calming sleep.  It helps one trying to quit addictive substances and bad habits.