Green Tremolite Brass Bracelet

$ 67.00

I had never seen this stone before and was immediately drawn to it's happy energy and green apple Jolly Rancher green coloration. Green Tremolite is a somewhat newly discovered, high vibrational stone from Tanzania. It works with the Crown Chakras, Soul Star and other upper Chakras. If you are seeking to expand spiritually, this stone helps generate and create awareness of peace and synchronization Green Tremolite will assist you in accessing ancient spiritual information. It will help expansion of consciousnesses and developing spiritual trust. Green Tremolite helps one to live in the moment and trust in the "Universal Plan", facing any diversities with calmness and acceptance.

The Green Tremolite Brass Bracelet features one of 6 pieces of crystal I procured from a rock hound at a recent Gem and Mineral Show. I chose 6 that were similar in shape and size but please note that each stone is natural and raw and therefor each one is slightly different. It's hand set in brass and acts as the focal piece and the clasp of the bracelet. It's 2 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches tall. The hand shaped and hammered brass bracelet is 18 guage thick and 7mm wide, making it sturdy yet somewhat bendable. It looks really tiny but actually fits most wrist sizes.

Model: Evyn Fulkerson

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