I Love Heart Chakra Essential Oil + Gemstone Perfume

$ 15.00

Rose - Boosts confidence, fights depression, eases menstration, relieves anxiety,  purifies the uterus, aphrodisiac, Heart and Crown Chakras

Neroli - is a citrus blossom from the bitter orange tree and is associated with the Sun.  It is has a loving, playful and peaceful energy.  An aphrodisiac, it draws love, increases attraction and sensuality.  Neroli uplifts moods and helps lesson anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and feelings.  Neroli assists with self realization and healing.  It helps to understand one’s emotions and to overcome fear.  Neroli has a fresh, floral, sweet and spicy citrus scent.  Sacral and Crown Chakras

Oak Moss is a lichen, and is an Earth Element.  It’s known to be good luck and to attract money.  It’s protective and increases strength.  Oak Moss reduces stress and depression. It’s very grounding and wonderful to use while meditating.  Oak Moss contains the spirit of the forest.  It has a dark green color and a rich, sweet, musky, earthy scent.  Sacral and Throat Chakras.

Blood Orange - calming, reduces stress and tension, brings suppressed emotions to light, brings a sense of security, centering and calming, facilitated communication, good for inflammation, mood lifter, brings out your inner child, Throat Chakra

Sweet Orange - Energetically purifying, uplifting, boosts creativity, helps to connect to our angels and spirit guides, helps to focus, attracts abundance, wealth and luck, balances emotions, releases self judgement, obsessions and fears, helps one to be more adaptable and to go with the flow, instills confidence and increases intuition, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras.

Rose Quartz THE stone for love of all kinds.  It attracts romantic love, enhances self love and platonic love.  It is the stone of unconditional love.  It can also help create a closer bond with your partner, family and friends.  A Heart Chakra stone, it works to open the heart to trust, hope, forgiveness and harmony.  Physically, it helps to lower blood pressure.  Rose Quartz combats jealousy, anger and resentment for others.  It also promotes forgiveness and empathy.  Rose Quartz has a calm and soothing energy and is the best stone to help heal a broken heart.  It is also useful for all types of emotional healing.  Rose Quartz can also help to relieve headaches when placed upon the Third Eye.  Rose Quartz assists us in accepting that change is necessary and to help us love ourselves while going through transitions.

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