Iolite Faceted Antique Brass Infinity Bracelet

$ 47.00

The Iolite Faceted Antique Brass Infinity Bracelet features gorgeous faceted stones hand wrapped in antique brass wire.  It’s 7 5/8 inches long with lobster clasp and closure.  This is a one if a kind bracelet.

Iolite is a Third Eye Chakra stone and is one of the best tools to use for psychic and spiritual work.  It's useful to open up to or increase intuition.  It helps one to connect to their soul, their inner self, and understand one's purpose and path in this life.   Iolite has a gentle energy that creates joy and laughter  It helps one to find creative solutions to problems, allowing one to think outside of the box.  Iolite assists us in taking responsibility for our own actions and behaviors.  

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