Kambaba Jasper Poki Cut Double Sided Necklace

$ 150.00

A gorgeous 25 carat poki cut Kambaba Jasper is set in a sterling silver frame.  The frame showcases both unique sides which are faceted differently, one with a traditional style cut with a center table and the other a rose cut.  The pendant suspends from 21 inches of sterling silver rolo chain with lobster clasp and closure.  The pendant is 37mm long by 23mm wide by 5mm thick.  This is a one of a kind necklace.

Kambaba Jasper is actually Fossilised Stromatolite Algae, the oldest known fossil to man.  A heart chakra stone, kambaba jasper is a stone of tranquility, encouraging feelings of peace.  It increases ones self worth and balances the yin and yang.  It enhances wisdom and boosts the immune system.  Jaspers are supreme nurturers and kambaba jasper is a powerful maternity stone, promoting fertility and a healthy pregnancy.


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