Kunzite Cascade Earrings

$ 52.00

The Kunzite Cascade Earrings feature all natural Pink Kunzite crystals drilled into beads. They're wire wrapped horizontally into the focal point of these dark fringy earrings.  The cascade is made from matte black electroplated chain with five,1 inch long spears suspended evenly below.  Gunmetal chain connects the Kunzite to stainless steel leverback hooks.  The Kunzite Cascade Earrings suspend 3 1/2 inches from the ear. The fringe chain at the bottom of these earrings is a new chian I sourced from the Tucson Gem Show this year.  I only have enough to make 4 pairs, making the Kunzite Cascade Earrings a limited edition item. 

Kunzite is a highly vibrational spiritual crystal and it works with the higher chakras, connecting the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  This makes it an exceptional stone for meditation.  It is especially great for letting go of past traumas, giving the heart space to heal and open up to love again. Kunzite also promotes self love, making Kunzite one of the most powerful stones to heal a broken heart.  Kunizite will bring love, prosperity and good fortune into your life. Kunizite balances the emotions and is really helpful for anxiety and stress, providing a peacefull and calming vibrational energy.  It's also helpful to dispell depression and negative energy.  It will clear a room of negative energy.  Kunzite can help induce change and assist in moments of rebirth and transition. 

Model: Jane Almirall

Location: Oracle Fine Curiosities

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