Lemurian Crystal Copper Cage Necklace

$ 69.00

The Lemurian Crystal Cage Necklace features a natural crystal set in a unique handmade copper cage like setting. The cage has a long flattened copper spine with 5 arms equally spaced along it's sides to hold the crystal. The copper spine cups the bottom point of the crystal and wraps around the top to ensure that the Lemurian Crystal stays securely inside its cage. The pendant featured is 2 1/4 inches long and suspends from 32 inches of antique copper chain. Each Lemurian Crystal is unique, so expect variation in shape, length and size of each unique pendant.

Considered to be the "Master Crystal", Lumerian Crystal teaches us that we are all one, we are all cosmically connected. A great stone for light workers, Lemurian Crystal is an ideal tool for self healing. Lemurian Crystal helps solve problems that are deeply rooted in the past. It's an ideal stone to use when doing self work and during times of self reflection. Lumerian Crystal clears the chakras and removes energy blockages. These crystals are said to contain information from the ancient lost city of Lemuria, an advanced society similar to Atlantis. The Lemurians were said to be a spiritually advanced and very peaceful society. They used crystals for their healing abilities and legend says they implanted the seeds of this cosmic oneness and the secrets of their peaceful society inside the crystals.

Model: Jesse Molina

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