Meteorite Necklace

$ 83.00

The Meteorite Necklace features a specimen found in 1576 in Gran Chaco, Argentina.  It's estimated that the actual meteorite crash occurred at 4000-6000 years ago.  This iron based meteorite is set in resin inside a hand carved bronze faceted half circle..  The back side can also be worn as the front of the necklace.  It has two rosegoldfil beads on either side, leading up to 16 inches of antique silver diamond cut chain.  The dark metallic grey of the iron meteorite mixed with the other metal colors makes this a very versatile necklace.  It has a two inch extender chain with a hematite stone at the end.

Just like all dark colored stones, this meteorite resonates with the base chakra, and although it fell from the Heavens, it has a very grounding effect.  At the same time, it does assist in spiritual awakening.  This iron based meteorite assists inner stillness, patience and persistence with spiritual growth and soul purpose on Earth.

Photo Credit: Kelley Walker Chance, Kelley Photo

Models: Esuja Mia and Nanci Lee Ayala Rush

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